Vacuum Option For Skype

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Bleachbit vacuums Browsers like "Firefox, Google Chrome, etc." I think it would be useful to add that feature to Skype as overtime the database can get fragmented causing a slower performance.

Recent versions of Firefox perhaps are automatically vacuumed at idle time


I posted this in support hoping for clarification but it seems that it should not have been posted in that section as it has n/a after it. I hope the discussions section can help.

Query regarding Vacuum of Firefox 11 profile using Bleachbit 0.9.2 in Windows 7..

I do not understand why Bleachbit Vacuum saves 8.2mb of disc space when Firefox is not running but on loading Firefox the file size reverts back to how it was before vacuum was run at 10.2mb.

Vacuum 8.2MB C:\Users\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\3jki4zf92.default\places.sqlite
Disk space recovered: 12.8MB

How do I select the Firefox Profile?


I wanted to vacuum my Firefox sqlite databases. However, BleachBit vacuumed the default profile which I do not not use..
How do I set the path to the profile that I want to vacuum (it is not in the default directory or even on my C drive)?

p.s. I am using BleachBit v.0.8.7 and WIN 7 - 64 bit, in case that is relevant

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