bleachbit(as root) hangs, sets up log-in loop


This may only apply to my installation of Chinese distro Deepin, but the consequence is of interest, and the easy way out may be of use to someone who is stuck.
Deepin is a Debian>ubuntu development, so far as I can tell.

Consistently, when I run bleachbit (as root) from the Deepin launch panel, the scan phase has eventually greyed out the panel & bleachbit has stopped responding.
I should add that this is without the free_space option (though I do wonder if process time-out is set too low)

Non-root bleachbit is fine.

Since bleachbit(root) scan has been unresponsive, I have pkilled it or ended the session.

On firing up the laptop thereafter, I get the standard log-in screen, enter my pass, and I'm in a sign-on loop. ↺_↺
This is a little inconvenient,and could have dire consequences for the neophyte linux user.

I can extract myself byctrl+alt+f1, going from the login screen (lightDM? - on ttl7) to ttl1 - fortunately security was not tied down further - and entering:
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME
, enter pass & continue
thus (recursively) regaining ownership of my profile for the log-in to succeed
then return to main graphic login interface on ttl7 by
and carry on as if everything was normal.

My suspicion is that Deepin launches bleachbit with sudo, rather than gksudo, and this may be a reason. I don't know for sure. The actual launch command they use is inscrutably concealed.
When I have completed learning Chinese, I may be able to take it further.

It might well be that this is not eactly a bleachbit problem, per se; but it would be lovely if bleachbit(as root) didn't do that, or at least did it less of the time, in a failsafe manner.

Which version of BleachBit?

If you are using BleachBit 1.0 (which is old but has a problem that sounds like this), please check how much free space and how many inodes you have available using these commands:

df -i / ~
df -h / ~

Andrew, lead developer