bleachbit deletes some files in /tmp which I want to protect

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I offload my roundrobin databases (*.rrd) and some html files into /tmp/monitorix-data and periodically sync them back to my physical disc. Bleachbit (v0.91) deletes them which is bad... It doesn't however touch my browser profile dir which is also in /tmp under /tmp/username-chromium. Is this expected or a bug?

# bleachbit --clean system.cache system.localizations system.trash system.tmp
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ GtkWarning: could not open display
warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)
info: starting BleachBit version 0.9.1
warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file
Depreciation warning: use --clean instead of --delete
debug: clean_operation('system'), options = '['cache', 'localizations', 'tmp', 'trash']'
Delete 4.1kB /tmp/monitorix-data/reports/ca.html
Delete 4.1kB /tmp/monitorix-data/reports/de.html
Delete 4.1kB /tmp/monitorix-data/reports/en.html
Delete 4.1kB /tmp/monitorix-data/reports/it.html
Delete 8.2kB /tmp/monitorix-data/reports/send_reports
Delete 2.2MB /tmp/monitorix-data/disk.rrd
Delete 1.4MB /tmp/monitorix-data/fs.rrd
Delete 24MB /tmp/monitorix-data/int.rrd
Delete 1.7MB /tmp/monitorix-data/kern.rrd
Delete 4.9MB /tmp/monitorix-data/lmsens.rrd
Delete 5.6MB /tmp/monitorix-data/net.rrd
Delete 2.5MB /tmp/monitorix-data/nvidia.rrd
Delete 1.7MB /tmp/monitorix-data/port.rrd
Delete 3.4MB /tmp/monitorix-data/proc.rrd
Delete 1.8MB /tmp/monitorix-data/serv.rrd
Delete 2MB /tmp/monitorix-data/system.rrd
Delete 749.6kB /tmp/monitorix-data/user.rrd
Delete 0 /tmp/monitorix-data/.flagged
Disk space recovered: 52MB
Files deleted: 18