Ability to run a single cleaner, without unchecking anything


Currently using BleachBit 0.7.4.

Is it possible in a future version to include the ability to selectively choose which cleaner you would like to run, without touching BleachBit's settings or unchecking any cleaners?

For example, say a user just wants to clear his Firefox cache. He would start BleachBit, right-click the "Cache" entry, and select either "Preview this cleaner" or "Run this cleaner". He would also have the ability to right-click the Firefox menu and do the same thing, which will only run the Firefox cleaners (history, cache, cookies, vacuum, etc).

I have found myself wishing to only run a single cleaner, but I did not want to uncheck everything, press the "Preview / Delete" buttons, and then recheck everything I had previously configured.

Interesting idea. Please file it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/+bug/ so I don't lose it.

Andrew, lead developer

I just tested out this feature on 0.8.3 beta and it works perfectly for previewing and cleaning single cleaners. Firefox Cache, Vacuum, and the others. This makes cleaning up much faster if you don't feel like doing a full sweep. So far, no errors nor any quirky behaviour. It appears to work as it states.

I noticed that the Preview/Delete right-click menu is only available for each individual cleaner, but not for the groups, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, OpenOffice, and etc. Is it possible for the final version to extend this feature out to groups / categories as well? In such a case, when right-clicking and cleaning "Firefox", it will run all of the Firefox cleaners that are *checked* by the user. This way, there is no risk that the user might accidentally delete his bookmarks or passwords, so long as he leaves those cleaners unchecked.

Good work, Andrew! To think that Linux users had no CCleaner alternative just two years ago, and now we've got something comparable. Thanks again, mate!

These are the terms I use
cleaner - e.g., Firefox, Google CHrome
cleaner option - e.g, cache, cookies

It wouldn't make it in 0.8.3, but for a future version I will consider it. The issue is for individual options (e.g., cache) the context menu ignores whether the option is checked, so it could be confusing to have a different behavior that you described (obey the check marks) for the cleaner. Maybe the context menu could make this distinction clear by reading "Preview selected options" when the user right clicks on a cleaner.

Andrew, lead developer


I'm thinking PROFILES!

I would like to see the ability to name and save profiles with whatever categories and selections you choose in them. A browser one, for instance, and a Total Flush. It would also be nice if the profile were callable from the command, so, for instance, the bleachbit "browser profile" could be called at browser close from an addon that does that (like click&clean).