Bleachbit 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 portable on Win7 won't start



I get this Traceback when starting the portable version both as Standard User and with UAC prompt for admin;

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "bleachbit.py", line 29, in
ImportError: No module named os

BleachBit 0.8.3-Linux-All of a sudden it's hanging, plus I can't clear config to reinstall as "new"


I noticed this tonight. I have Lucid 10.04, and all was fine with the prior release (including the "bonus pack") I do recall latest release was OK, too, but today I did a "preview", and it suddenly hung on something I don't have (yes, I have always checked apps I don't have...) I removed those checks, and then it hung on something else - eventually hanging on WINE - which I DO have...

I deleted any "bleach*" via synaptic, rebooted and then installed the OLD version from the Ubuntu Repositories. I then ran it - and it's got all the config/applications that are listed from 0.8.3!

0.8.3 hangs when attempting to clean Clipboard


Debian testing

debug: clean_operation('deepscan'), options = '[u'backup', u'tmp', u'thumbs_db']'
debug: clean_operation('firefox'), options = '['cache', 'cookies', 'download_history', 'forms', 'passwords', 'session_restore', 'url_history', 'vacuum']'
debug: clean_operation('thumbnails'), options = '[u'cache']'
debug: clean_operation('transmission'), options = '[u'cache']'
debug: clean_operation('flash'), options = '[u'cache', u'cookies']'
debug: clean_operation('system'), options = '['desktop_entry', 'cache', 'clipboard', 'recent_documents', 'tmp', 'trash']'

0.8.3 hangs when attempting to clean Media Player


0.8.3 grinds to a halt when vacuuming Media Player (or possibly immediately after?) with last two reported items being MRUFileList and MRUUrlList.
0.8.2 - no such difficulty.

Ability to run a single cleaner, without unchecking anything


Currently using BleachBit 0.7.4.

Is it possible in a future version to include the ability to selectively choose which cleaner you would like to run, without touching BleachBit's settings or unchecking any cleaners?

For example, say a user just wants to clear his Firefox cache. He would start BleachBit, right-click the "Cache" entry, and select either "Preview this cleaner" or "Run this cleaner". He would also have the ability to right-click the Firefox menu and do the same thing, which will only run the Firefox cleaners (history, cache, cookies, vacuum, etc).

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