Make Provision to Delete Directories from Menu


I have reasons sometimes to want to delete directories of information, or even directories and descending sub-directories, and I could find no information about doing that. The only option provided is "file," which is very tedious if one wants to delete a directory and perhaps 6 subs. Will this be addressed in future versions?

Support for cleaning ini file entries



I just noticed there is no cleaner for VLC media player available, so I thought about making one. Then I found the reason why there might be none: VLC stores the list of recent items in an ini file. The file looks like this:

filedialog-path=C:\\Users\\Klaus\\Videos\\Bernie & Ert

list=C:\\Users\\Klaus\\Videos\\Bernie & Ert\\fnn_eub_01.mpg,C:\\Users\\Klaus\\Videos\\Bernie & Ert\\fnn_eub_02.mpg

Clean Windows dump files


It would be nice if BleachBit could delete Windows dump files namely, %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP

Order of execution

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I've just started to use BleachBit in my Ubuntu 10.04 and noticed that it's cleaning is not as "secure" as it could be.

Currently the program goes through the items alphabetically (From Adobe Reader --> yum)

Which means that the system wipe happens before thumbnails, email and torrent applications are deleted.

Would it be more "secure" to reorder the items so that:
- First files are deleted,
- Then databases are cleaned,
- Then the resulting free-space and memory/swap is cleaned / wiped?

Ability to run a single cleaner, without unchecking anything


Currently using BleachBit 0.7.4.

Is it possible in a future version to include the ability to selectively choose which cleaner you would like to run, without touching BleachBit's settings or unchecking any cleaners?

For example, say a user just wants to clear his Firefox cache. He would start BleachBit, right-click the "Cache" entry, and select either "Preview this cleaner" or "Run this cleaner". He would also have the ability to right-click the Firefox menu and do the same thing, which will only run the Firefox cleaners (history, cache, cookies, vacuum, etc).

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