0.9.5 Beta Bug's


In Windows 8 Under "Deep Scan" checking off Backup Files to be cleaned causes a hang with Previewing & Cleaning
tested under Win8 64bit, Win7 32bit and win xp 32bit,

Entries in Winapp2.ini with DetectOS=6.2| aren't shown

Also a suggestion to have custom LangSecRef='s in winapp2 be recognized

edit: Tested under windows xp. With XP it hangs Thumbs.db under deepscan

Thank you for checking.

The deep scan bug is fixed in 0.9.5 beta 2.

The DetectOS and LangSecRef are good finds, and I filed them in LaunchPad to fix after 0.9.5 final is released. Also I need to review support for environment variables.

Andrew, lead developer

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Tested and it no longer hangs. Thanks

DetectOS is fixed in SVN repository and will be available in the next beta version of BleachBit. Here is an example of how it works

DetectOS=|5.1 means Windows XP or older
DetectOS=5.1 mean exactly Windows XP
DetectOS=5.1| means Windows XP or newer
DetectOS=6.0| means Windows Vista or newer
DetectOS=6.1| means Windows 7 or newer
DetectOS=6.2| means Windows 8 or newer

Andrew, lead developer

Try the fix in BleachBit 0.9.6 beta

Andrew, lead developer