How do I whitelist a file that keeps the same name, but the folder name is resides in is random.


System is Windows 7 (64-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit), or Vista, or Windows XP, etc
BleachBit is 0.9.2 and is being ran as the console version on multiple PCs

I've got a Windows .CMD file (lmi-tmpbatch.cmd) that I need to be protected for deletion by BleachBit (i.e. whitlisted), but the folder the file appears is is randomly named, for example:


So how do I keep BleachBit for deleting this file?

Currently BleachBit (version 0.9.3) does not have a graphical interface to whitelist by pattern.

However, I think you can get the same result by creating a custom cleaner in CleanerML. Because you mentioned console version, maybe you have the skills to do that. It requires a text editor to edit an XML file. Have it clean the directory, and use the regex option to exclude the lmi-tmpbatch.cmd pattern. Read the documentation, and if you need help, let me know.

Preview the results before deleting anything.

This won't remove or alter the Windows - Temporary Files cleaner, so you will have to remember not to use that option. Also upgrading removes the custom cleaners, so remember to keep the XML in a safe place.

Andrew, lead developer