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scheduled task, what are the comande was added to the windows task scheduler for a full cleaning of the selection from the list and an automatic update? (without human intervention) Thank you kindly.

To clean everything selected in the GUI, use

bleachbit_console.exe --clean --preset

There is no command line option to update BleachBit. Do you mean update the application or the winapp2.ini file?

I changed your username from "BleachBit" to "BleachBit User" so visitors don't confuse your username with an official account.

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you for this quick answer.
Actually put the software updates automatically,
if feasible for winapp2.dll can `m indicate the command line,
the goal is to automate the task up.
Excuse my English translation, thank you for your excellent work.

Can you put this issue as resolved, thank you

In the future I could add a feature to install winapp2.ini updates using the command line: this is a good idea. So this idea does not get lost, I filed it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/+bug/977320

But updating the whole BleachBit application will probably not be added as a feature.

Andrew, lead developer

The new command line option --update-winapp2 is ready for testing in BleachBit 0.9.5 beta. It can be combined with --clean and --preview. Let me know how it works,

Andrew, lead developer