Gnome3: Background removed after the clean up.

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Hi everybody, just writing here to inform you that probably Bleachbit it's not ready for Gnome 3.
When I run the application it usually remove the background and I need to set it again. That's not so strange since the last version was out before Gnome 3.
I'm Just trying to make my little contribute, I didn't find out what make it remove the background. I don't know if it was something already known.
If is something new I can investigate more and give you more information and thank you for this great piece of software.

Yes, I haven't yet tested BleachBit (latest is 0.8.7) with Gnome 3. Are there any major Linux distro's with GNOME 3? It seems, for example, Ubuntu 11.04 is still GNOME 2. Progress would be if you could isolate which option or which file affects the Gnome background.

(Also, for what it's worth, BleachBIt 0.8.7 is not compatible with GTK+ 3.0 or Python 3.0, but the older versions are still often used in all modern Linux distro's.)

Andrew, lead developer

I use Archlinux and it uses Gnome3, I think Fedora will do the same.
Anyway, I find out the background is stored in "/home/user/.cache/gnome-control-center/backgrounds/" and Bleachbit delete it.
It delete something about telepathy too but nothing important, just avatars I think. "/home/user/.cache/telepathy/avatars/gabble/jabber/*.mime"
Hope that help, Bleachbit is not GTK3 but it is still useful and Gnome3 is stable now.

I solved by unchecking system-cache in the software but in this way chromium cache remain. Better than nothing, thanks.

For now in the BleachBit preferences can add these directories to the white list, so BleachBit will never delete them. I see tomorrow Fedora 15 will be released with GNOME 3, so I plan to take a closer look.

Andrew, lead developer