Windows 7 64-bit

MS Search Index - clean or keep?


It is a major pain in Windows to have to rebuild a search index for file Explorer or Outlook because it takes hours after using Bleachbit. Also it is very time-saving in daily work. So the temptation is not to clean it out.

On the other hand, for snoopers it is presumably one of the most powerful sources of information on my PC about me.

Has anyone found a way to retain the power of the MS Search Index without leaving it open to assorted Peeping Toms, Stasi, NSA and other pond life?

Search Index for MS Outlook and MS file Explorer - which cleaner label?



This is surely a dumb question but I cannot work it out: which of the Bleachbit cleaners is the one that removes the MS search index for Outlook and for file Explorer?

Thanks for your help.

BleachBit not cleaning/deleting URLs or Adobe Reader Recent Files


No doubt I'm doing something dumb (newbie alert) - but I've just loaded Bleachbit and ticked lots of things to clean: some of them clean up just fine (e.g. Recycle Bin empties OK, C:/....AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.MSO\ empties OK
but others such as browsers (Opera, IE11) retain URL history and Adobe Reader still shows Recent Files.
Yes, I'm closing down all these applications when running BleachBit. I guess I must be following the basic process OK because Recycle Bin and others are emptied by BleachBit.

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