MS Search Index - clean or keep?


It is a major pain in Windows to have to rebuild a search index for file Explorer or Outlook because it takes hours after using Bleachbit. Also it is very time-saving in daily work. So the temptation is not to clean it out.

On the other hand, for snoopers it is presumably one of the most powerful sources of information on my PC about me.

Has anyone found a way to retain the power of the MS Search Index without leaving it open to assorted Peeping Toms, Stasi, NSA and other pond life?


Well if someone were to access your PC, then I guess it could be a starting point for them to take information.

If we are talking about NSA, then they would just use a NSA backdoor in Windows and if the search index was cleaned or not would be irrelevant.

If you have a SSD, you are probably better just disabling search index as it can build up quite fast and it makes lots of writes that can shorten the SSD life span.

I guess it really just depends how much you use the Search Index. I have mine disabled, but if I did have it enabled, I would probably hardly use it, so it would pretty useless to anyone for me.

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