Windows 8 Question


Can this still be run in Windows 8. Or will there be issues? Everything installed fine, Just want to double check with the creator as a safety measure

I haven't had time yet to test BleachBit 0.9.3 with Windows 8. A safe place to start would be either inside a virtual machine or to test profile-based cleaners on an alternate user profile. By profile-based, I mean those that clean only the current user (such as web browsers) as compared to system-level cleaners (such as Windows logs). By alternate user profile I mean logging into Windows as a different user.

Also the preview should give you a good idea of what will happen.

If there is any issue, it's more likely to clean too little than clean too much, but for some people that risk is understandably too much. :)

Andrew, lead developer

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I gave it a go, I had to reinstall win8 because I had a graphics/upgrade conflict and wanted to clean install so I ran bleachbit before I did that to test it.

All went good. Only complaint is to allow it to clean some areas it needs to be run as Admin but that's a Win8 issue.

I did some quick tests of BleachBit version 0.9.3 on Windows 8 64-bit, and it functions well. The worst thing I noticed is the desktop icon has a white background (where it should be transparent).

If anyone notices any specific problems, for each bug please open a new message thread or post an issue to Launchpad.

Andrew, lead developer