winapp2.ini vs cleanerML


When I configure BleachBit2.0 to load winapp2.ini, cleaners from both winapp2.ini and cleanerML appears in the left pane.
1. Which one should I choose for the same app(internet explorer)? which one is better?
2. systems(cleanerML) or Windows(winapp2.ini) which is better? or both?

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Windows 8.1 Pro

The short answer is: if you want to be thorough, use both to make sure nothing gets left behind.

My longer suggestion: use non-Winapp2.ini options first, and then preview the Winapp2.ini. If the Winapp2.ini option reveals important files not cleaned by the non-Winapp2.ini options, then you can report the filenames as bugs.

The preferred method for reporting bugs is on GitHub

Andrew, lead developer