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So I used Show Debugger Messages option and I can see that Bleachbit 4.0 detects correctly the custom CleanerML file I created; however, it doesn't show up unless I turn off "hide irrelevant cleaners". So my question is HOW does bleachbit 4.0 make the determination that a CleanerML file is "irrelevant"? The specific rule I'm trying to add is for a "custom" recursive cleaning regex I made for steam. Note that I do NOT install steam in the regular C:\Program Files location but intead to a separate harddrive I have. Perhaps that's the issue?

winapp2.ini vs cleanerML


When I configure BleachBit2.0 to load winapp2.ini, cleaners from both winapp2.ini and cleanerML appears in the left pane.
1. Which one should I choose for the same app(internet explorer)? which one is better?
2. systems(cleanerML) or Windows(winapp2.ini) which is better? or both?

How do I select the Firefox Profile?


I wanted to vacuum my Firefox sqlite databases. However, BleachBit vacuumed the default profile which I do not not use..
How do I set the path to the profile that I want to vacuum (it is not in the default directory or even on my C drive)?

p.s. I am using BleachBit v.0.8.7 and WIN 7 - 64 bit, in case that is relevant

Support for cleaning ini file entries



I just noticed there is no cleaner for VLC media player available, so I thought about making one. Then I found the reason why there might be none: VLC stores the list of recent items in an ini file. The file looks like this:

filedialog-path=C:\\Users\\Klaus\\Videos\\Bernie & Ert

list=C:\\Users\\Klaus\\Videos\\Bernie & Ert\\fnn_eub_01.mpg,C:\\Users\\Klaus\\Videos\\Bernie & Ert\\fnn_eub_02.mpg

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