Is Winapp2.ini stable?

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I always use BleachBit latest stable version. I have never had a problem with it. My system was always perfect stable. First thank you for that :)

But now I see there are many new additional applications coming with Winapp2.ini. But I need to ask if it is stable. I know the "stability" is relative. So at least please tell me your experiences about Winapp2.ini and what you are thinking for...

And please tell me if you know where can I find the details about the clean list of Winapp2.ini. BleachBit shows me for it's default list (at least) 3-4 word description. But I can not find them for Winapp2 list. I know this is not BleachBit's problem, but I juts asked if you know.


As far as the stability, it seems OK. The typos I have noticed caused "undercleaning" (files to be omitted) rather than "overcleaning" (deleting too much), but I have not used it much myself. Also I have not noticed many complaints from other BleachBit users. You may get a longer answer asking on the Piriform forums.

About the descriptions: the Winapp2.ini format does not have a way to provide descriptions like BleachBit's native formats do, though some Winapp2.ini cleaners give a descriptive warning. One thing you can do is right click in the tree view (near the checkbox) and run a preview.

Andrew, lead developer