Which option cleans the desktop?

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A option in the program which i can't find always sort of cleans the desktop.

This means after running Bleachbit and restarting all the desktop icons and custom emblems will be reset.

Original size, original icon, original position sorted by name. I just want to get a quick answer on what to disable for this so i don't have to restart hundreds of times to test out all the options.

Other than this small issue, the program works like a charm. I'm grateful to have found this program in the first place

Sounds like the Nautilus cleaner. Is that it? Do you think its description needs clarified, or does it need a warning?

Andrew, lead developer

Yeah it was Nautilus.

Disabled, did a sweep with Bleachbit and restarted and the desktop is intact.

Thank you very much Andrew for the speedy answer!

As for the description, just a slight clarification on what cleaning Nautilus will achieve next to erasing the history. A warning probably isn't needed unless the majority of users don't read the description of what there choosing.

But as a developer your judgment on this matter is probably better than mine.

Once again. Thank you for offering your help and good luck with this outstanding tool