What are the files deleted regarding « translations » in Ubuntu ?


First post here after years of using bleachbit on Ubuntu.

To make it shorter you may read https://answers.launchpad.net/bleachbit/+question/376577

But for the whole story… as I struggle for some weeks about a problem with accented letters which are wrongly displayed in dash, hud and windows-title-bars in Ubuntu/unity I may have noticed one common denominator between two systems where I'm facing this problem.

I did in april a fresh install of 16.04 ( beside an actual working fine 14.04 ) and quickly after I installed bleachbit from ubuntu repositories, as I'm used to do. It's mostly for deleting useless ( for me ) localizations. And problem appeared with accented letters. For the moment nothing links it to bleachbit.

Some days ago, I installed latest bleachbit version downloaded from this site and ran it on my 14.04 - with the same settings as in 16.04. And now I'm facing the same problem with accented letters. I had run bleachbit ( version from repo ) on that system many times before without any trouble.

So now I assume that maybe those newer versions of bleachbit delete some file(s) Unity needs regarding localization and accented letters in windows management…

Hence the question in subject.

Or, were there changes about « deleted files » between bleachbit versions
1.0-1 ( from repo for 14.04 )
1.10-1 ( from repo for 16.04 )
1.12 ( from here )

And last is there any trace / record / log of bleachbit activity ?

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On a working fine ubuntu 14.04 I run actual 1.0-1 version of bleachbit and this
is the list of items to remove.

On that very same machine I installed bleachbit 1.12 with the same settings I get now this huge list
where maybe something is needed by unity…

You asked " were there changes about « deleted files » between bleachbit versions," and I do not see any changes from version 1.10 to 1.12 as it relates to localizations (translations).

However, there were major changes from version 1.0 to 1.10 . That part of the code was totally rewritten by tstenner for version 1.8.

Keep in mind also that Ubuntu itself had many changes from 14.04 to 16.04.

As I wrote in Launchpad:

If you can narrow it down to specific files that were deleted by BleachBit, you can have apt-get reinstall the affected package to undelete the files.

Also if you can figure out which files should not be deleted, I can work on whitelisting them to prevent them from being deleted again.

Andrew, lead developer

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I'm not skilled nor taught enough to know out of 20 thousands lines of files which ones are to keep…

Gunnar seems to be much more aware about localization topic but he seems a bit … bitter about bleachbit. But his answer contains important answers about what should / should not be done regarding localizations.


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Thanks to bertrand0 here https://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=21586183#p21586183 I've finally get back to normal situation.

He also confirms using BleachBit to (only) delete translations/localizations caused the same problem on his computer.

And as I had the problem on 2 versions of ubuntu, one recent one older ( with some manually installed deb packages ) and with the help of command :

dpkg-query -S \*/{translations,locale,locales,locale-langpack,i18n} | sed -r 's/, /\n/g' | sed -r 's/:.*//' | sort -u | sudo xargs aptitude reinstall

it seems BleachBit deletes too many packages as, amongst others and not limited to, xkb-data and xkb-data-i18n.

list of packages reinstalled on 16.04 :
and why I assume xbd-data may be more important : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1599516/comments/46

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Is it fixed in newer version 2 of BleachBit ?

I am not aware of it being fixed. Please file a concise description of the bug in GitHub, as it is difficult to manage bugs as emails and forum posts.

A great bug description would include: latest BleachBit version tested, list of files that should be whitelisted, and how to reproduce the symptoms in the affected applications. Thank you in advancce

Andrew, lead developer