"warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file"

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I'm using the RHEL6 based Scientific Linux 6.0 and downloaded the latest source code (bleachbit-0.8.7.tar.bz2) to compile BleachBit. Running sudo python setup.py install gives me this warning: "warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file". The install process seems to finish nonetheless, except Bleachbit isn't installed at all.

Now, running BleachBit without an installation as described in the Readme file (make -C po local; python bleachbit.py) does start BleachBit succesfully and the program works. Yet every time I start BleachBit with python bleachbit.py from the terminal, the error message "warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file" pops up.

What is that error message and should I be worried about it? I mean, Bleachbit is working, but I want to setup this Scientific installation as a very long term system, so I don't want to encounter a problem because of this later down the road.

Thanks for helping me out!

The license warning is harmless. Installation is optional, and if BleachBit already works running from the source directory, installation won't provide additional benefits. If you still want to install it, the proper to install BleachBit from source is
sudo make install

The next release of BleachBit (after 0.8.7) should include an RPM package for RHEL 6. (Thank you for pointing out it is missing.)

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for your help!