Unexpected languages noted in usr/locale/langpack after using v.0.9.1


After cleaning with the latest version of BleachBit, is there any reason that I should be seeing languages in this directory, that I didn't opt to retain? For example, I am seeing bn, xh, fr and some strange variations of English (e.g., pig-latin, and so forth). Not even sure what two of these are ...

Is there something unusual about this directory, that these subdirectories can't/shouldn't be, removed? I only have a 4GB SSD, so I'd like to free the space, if at all possible and advisable.

I couldn't find that path exactly on my Ubuntu 11.04. Do you mean /usr/share/locale-langpack/?

Andrew, lead developer

I'm on Lucid Lynx LTS (specifically, a netbook running the latest EasyPeasy, but I believe you'll not see a difference in the directory structure, between this and the full-desktop version).

Yes, of course, you're looking at the correct directory. Post-cleanup, I'm still seeing:

bn en en@boldquot en_GB en@quot en_US es pt xh
de en_AU en_CA en_NZ en@shaw en_US@piglatin fr pt_BR

At the most, what I hoped to see was only en_US, en_gb and pt. On a 4GB SSD, I really don't want or need anything unnecessary.

Excuse the confusion, as I attempted to type the path from memory, alone. I was in Nautilus at the time, and being new to GNU/Linux, didn't see that if offered a way to make a direct path copy. I should have dropped out of the GUI and into the Command Line, which I have now done, to give you the above list.


Sorry about getting the path wrong. May I give any more information?

Any progress? Or, is it inadvisable to remove these files?

Please let me know if you were able to find that directory, with the correction I added to this thread.


If you do not use any translations at all---in other words, you use common English---then I suggest renaming /usr/share/locale-langpack/. This makes it so the system cannot find it but you have an easy way to reverse the change (compared to deleting it). Then reboot and check everything seems OK in your favorite applications (web browser, office suite, music player, whatever). If you like it, then delete the renamed directory.

Andrew, lead developer

I filed this as a bug, so it won't get lost

Then I'll see about being more thorough. However, the space recovered is probably pretty small at this point.

Andrew, lead developer

Hi Andrew,
Glad to help make a good product even better. And thanks for the work-around.