[Ubuntu] Firefox cleaner problem

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There is a problem with the Firefox cleaner in my user profile on Ubuntu 14.04
The preview buttons only result in

"Disk space to be recovered: 0
Files to be deleted: 0"

except for Cache and Crash reports.

In another user profile, the firefox cleaner does not present this problem.
I tried to remove ~/.config/bleachbit and reinstall bleachbit 1.10 but it does not fix it.

Screenshot here:

Do you have an idea how it would be possible to recover ?


I think you are referring to this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/+bug/1006691

If you have any additional information on this issue, please comment on the bug report linked above. Thank you for using BleachBit.

I increased the priority since more users have been reporting this.

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I think you're right: my profiles are under ~/.mozilla/firefox but none of my profiles currently match *.default.
Other posts in this forum show how to make a custom cleaner to perform the vacuum action. I don't know how to do the other actions though.