Saved configurations files

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I would like to propose two new buttons - Save and Load.

SAVE would save the current cleaning settings to a user named file.

LOAD would load the cleaning settings from a selected file.

It's always surprised me that users are happy to have just one set of saved cleaning settings. The implication is that they always want to do the same cleaning. I know variations can be made by changing clicking on options but then that becomes the saved configuration file.

I believe some users would benefit from a more flexible approach to what is cleaned, It can also help determine which settings a user wants.

Thank you

This sounds like you want to preset cleaners.

One workaround for now is to make a batch file to run BleachBit from the command line.

Another possibility is, on your own, to make copies of the BleachBit.ini configuration file.

Andrew, lead developer

Hi Andrew,

Yes, that's it, I want a named set options that are preset. I used to use the manipulation of the ini file in CCleaner but it was a nightmare and I stopped removing temp files all together. I'm kinda curious to see if others think this is a good idea. Perhaps run one config file weekly but others on a 'as needs' basis. I don't believe one ordered set is applicable and I certainly don't like going through lots of options every time I use the program.

I guess my experience is one of running a temp file cleaning program and then days later noticing some oddities on my system - loss of history lists, missing icons and sometimes shortcuts. Hard to spot straightaway and near impossible to rectify easily.

The way I would like to use a temp file cleaner is by doing a few basic cleans and when I'm confident with the action add more cleaning options, gradually building up a set that I know is predictable on my system. Likewise when a problem is discovered creating a temporary set of cleaning options to debug the issue.

Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this with you.