Remove Empty Folders

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Not too familar with current windows. Solely Fedora user. both bare and kvm_guests.

But a cleaner that could remove empty folders.
there is rmdir /pat/to/remove/folders
but what if you have unmounted shares, nfs, cifs etc.
(exlude folders, already included in BB)

I will have a look at cleamer_lm, but not an xml scripter.

This is an interesting idea.

Do you see a special benefit? In general this does little to free disk space or improve privacy. The risk, as you mention, is removing an empty folder that has a special meaning to the system or to an application. A challenge is defining the starting point (say ~ in Linux) and exclusions (like hidden folders).

Today as of BleachBit 0.9.1 CleanerML does not have this capability. For now maybe you can implement this using basic Linux commands like 'find'?

Andrew, lead developer

To remove the empty folders is very nice idea. But i remember that from a cleaner forum that had disccussed the same idea. But i remeber also many people wrote that it is not %100 safe to remove empty folder. But i don't know the reason technically.

Yes, it seems risky to do over ~ in Linux and c:\users in Windows Vista/7 because applications may break or complain. It should be rather safe to do over My Documents (Windows) and ~/Documents (Linux), but there is not much to be gained in terms of space or privacy.

Andrew, lead developer