Recovering wiped free Disk space

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We have this workstation HP Z600 with dual boot in Linux (CentOS6) and Windows with Memory 1Tb.
We mostly operate the system in CentOS in order to support our software products. Before running Bleachbit software we had about 400 GB data and 600 GB free space. While running Bleachbit software, we accidentally checked the option for "wipe Free disk space and Swap Memory." After the process is complete, we have warning low memory notification and unable to run any software. Is there anyway to recover the 600GB of the free space and make it usable like before.

Thank you for your Support.

I've seen a report like this in BleachBit version 1.0 where "wipe free disk space" operation was aborted, it left some space occupied. Please follow these instructions in another thread

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you but the link says Page not found!
Does formatting the disk helps?

Sorry, I fixed the link the comment above.

Yes, formatting the disk should help. Either way, please post an update in this thread.

Andrew, lead developer