Preview & Clean titles on toolbar vs titles on warning pop up


Occurred to me the labels used on toolbar, Preview & Clean don't match the warning pop up that asks if

you really want to "delete" or cancel.

Not a big deal, but confused me at 1st glance a couple of times, or after not using BB for a long time. I've rarely seen options Delete & Cancel on the same window.

Shouldn't the titles for same function on toolbar & popup be the same?

Since the app name is bleachbit, buttons to start cleaning action could be labeled "Bleach," Bleach It," "Bleach Now," "Bleach Away," etc.

Also, seems like "Preview" would be better named "Analyze," or "Find Dirt" (in keeping w/ "bleach" theme), etc. I don't associate "Preview" w/ finding junk, temp files or cleaning personal data. Just a thought.