Overwrite Free Disc Space


When I try to use this option, I get a warning that it will take a long time. Then when I proceed, it takes less than one minute to finish, and I get these error messages:

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\kmordford\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmp3v1f0lvmxxTuZJsKIANf_edzQAKVgmnmkZP6OwZB8P2rp2eLh7iG7PhMmOt6LXYQjraRFvvCrBThkJ4C.J7MNUCeTJWKk1kA-sN.xInGDBWbm3wPr4rgGQeEF7aDB4U-zm2Yt7E2F91ePGL_We6OXeNdoWjJyeOFqLs4LTaMJNY6tvX27N.6b5TACpNE8U4FhchU0QOe_ahAjyPlVoNz1iMP4l9Msi.WNCuVNWr-JXOFqsbQ3hVHzHFnVYS'
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'D:\\tmpxt86vko0PtLTpaiGyg7xVe1b8J5hgt1RZ6mq7lJoE-ufK34qpDWg1Tr0BaANjKUk2FiLVBn8G-GgkDMDIMLRfFZ5pRMrQ3M7blvYi-fv9vIPI.Yb6HgEsaxy4Gjg4msIEj_xe7WfIKrTeUFSeZRVcrD3CxtJKRgGVc.jQ0CsU4dkUa3bNVrPuTndKES9Lk7wmkhxACnu26ET-X7w71Nr50N-Tn2eX.MkchEPgyk.MPNdYiHv-F-p.amSv0Y'

Disk space recovered: 0
Files deleted: 0
Errors: 2

I have a terabyte size hard drive with lots of free space, and it does not seem that an overwrite of free disc space could have taken place in this short period of time. How can I confirm that the overwrite has taken place, or fix the program so it will overwrite? Thanks.

I assume you are using BleachBit 1.6.

There is a fix in BleachBit 1.7 (alpha) to address this problem (bug 1428467). The latest is BleachBit 1.7.4.

Alternatively, a quick workaround in BleachBit 1.6 is to enter the preferences and change the path from %TEMP% to another folder like c:\

Let me know how that works for you

Andrew, lead developer