Mozilla Firefox error: "Firefox cannot be cleaned because it is currently running. Please close it and try again."


After firefox crashes, and I have to force windows 10 to close Firefox, I cannot wipe it with bleachbit. No matter what I do (run windows task manager, open and completely close out of firefox, restart windows), I can't find Firefox running anywhere, yet I still get the following error message every time I run bleachbit: "firefox cannot be cleaned because it is currently running. Close it and try again." How do I get bleachbit to clean Mozilla Firefox after Firefox crashes?

Windows version: Windows 10 Home version 1607 OS build 14393.576
Mozilla Firefox: Version 50.1.0 (up to date as of 12/23/2016)

My guess is that windows is keeping a locked version of Firefox somewhere that I can't find. It is probably doing this for error reporting purposes. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

On Linux BleachBit 1.12 looks for both the running process and a lock file called lock, so this can happen on Linux. However on Windows BleachBit looks only for the running process firefox.exe, and it does not look for any lock file that may exist after a reboot.

The information you reported is helpful, and you took the right steps. Using the task manager or restarting Windows should help. This seems strange that neither helps.

Do you use the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Firefox?

BleachBit 1.13 could maybe help. Perhaps you could try.

Andrew, lead developer