BleachBit 1.13 alpha 1


January 15, 2017: BleachBit 1.15 alpha has been released.

Please test BleachBit 1.13 alpha 1. This release is just for Windows.

The focus of the release is to test significant changes.

  • NSIS installer has been updated from 2 to 3.
  • The platform has been upgraded from Python 2.5 to 2.7 and GTK+ 2.16 to 2.22.
  • There is a fix for handling special characters in usernames (1347644). If there is a bug in this fix, it could affect handling of a file with a normal name.

Optimizations have not been made for the new platform, so the installer is bigger.

How to test

To test:

  1. Install the new version of BleachBit (or unpack the portable version).
  2. Run it normally and use it as you normally would.
  3. Click File - Shred Settings and quit.
  4. Run it again.
  5. Create a Windows username with special characters such as ɡælɪk.
  6. Run it again.

Check that it works normally and there are no error messages.


See the downloads folder.

After testing

If something is broken, file a bug report. If it works well, please post a comment in the testing forum.



How come the downloads are on Sourceforge? I thought Sourceforge was out of the picture for good?

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Windows 10 x64 (switching to ReactOS in the future).

I did not expect many downloads for an alpha version, and it was convenient to host them there.

For the final release I will still use the infrastructure not on

Andrew, lead developer