BleachBit 1.15 alpha

Please test BleachBit 1.15, which replaces BleachBit 1.13 alpha 1. Since BleachBit 1.12 there have been many big changes "under the hood" to the underlying parts of the system and that affect many parts of the application, so your help is appreciated to test a wide variety of the application's functions on many systems.

This release is considered experimental. It is estimated to be more likely that any bugs would more crash the BleachBit application or fail to clean files, and it is estimated that damage to your system is unlikely. Still, caution is advised.


This is an incomplete list of changes:

  • NSIS installer has been updated from 2 to 3.
  • The runtime environment has been upgraded from Python 2.5 to 2.7 and GTK+ 2.16 to 2.22.
  • There is a fix for handling special characters in usernames (LP#1347644). If there is a bug in this fix, it could affect handling of a file with a normal name.
  • The shredding of individual files for Windows for NTFS and FAT systems is improved.
  • Files can be dragged dropped onto the BleachBit window for shredding.
  • If you use a non-English language, check the translation system is working properly. Every string that is translated in Launchpad should be working in BleachBit. Any untranslated in BleachBit should not be translated in Launchpad. If a string is untranslated in BleachBit and does not exist in Launchpad, file a bug.

For a list of changes see the commit log and bug tracker.


These tests are for both Windows and Linux.

  • Enable notification of updates. BleachBit should check for updates without an error.
  • Enable "overwrite contents" and clean SQLite databases.
  • Clean HexChat (X-Chat).


  • Shred files, attempt to recover them with an undelete utility, and verify the contents were erased.
  • Clean Windows Explorer - Thumbnails, and explorer.exe should restart without administrator privileges.
  • Clean any application that checks whether a process is running: Adobe Reader, Firefox, Google Chrome, Skype, VLC, etc. When the application is running, it should detect it and abort the cleaning of that application. When the application is not running, the cleaner should run.
  • Preview the Recycle Bin, and verify the preview does not empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Clean Warzone 2100.

To test UTF-8 support, please:

  1. Install the new version of BleachBit (or unpack the portable version).
  2. Run it normally and use it as you normally would.
  3. Click File - Shred Settings and quit.
  4. Run it again.
  5. Shred a file with a name like ɡælɪk
  6. Create a Windows user account with special characters such as ɡælɪk
  7. Run it again.

Check that the application works normally and there are no error messages.


  • There should be AppData information in the GNOME and KDE Software centers.
  • On Ubuntu or Debian, use the menu shortcut to launch as administrator.
  • Clean journald.
  • Clean apt - autoremove.
  • Whitelisting should protect both the link source and target (LP#1455959).
  • Install the Fedora 25 .rpm package
  • Install the Ubuntu 16.10 .deb package


See the downloads folder.

After testing

If something is broken, please file a bug report. If it works well, please post a comment with what you tested in the testing forum or at the bottom of this page.

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Actually NSIS is on 3.01 now.

Might also be worth mentioning there was some under the hood stuff done, too, like appveyor now auto generates the installer for BleachBit, so no need to manually update NSIS anymore. There were also some CleanerML updates, too, like deep scan got updates, I personally did some cleanup on a few, and xchat got updated to hexchat.

Also, the reason why it is called alpha 1.15 instead of 1.13.1 was because of a crash that was happening with something, forgot what the name of it was.

Also known as Alex.

Moderator for BleachBit and a maintainer for Winapp2.

Check out my open-source group on Steam:

Windows 10 x64 (switching to ReactOS in the future).

The AppVeyor change does not require testing per se, so I was going to mention that in the final release.

Matt Hardcastle's deep scan change is supposed to affect only Darwin (Mac OS X), so I did not mention it because Darwin overall is in an alpha state.

I omitted VLC because it was a comment change that does not require testing.

I mentioned Warzone and Hex Chat for testing.

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you! Don't forget to update Spanish translation, I updated several strings and some untranslated as well.

PD: Everything's working properly on what I tried (tried everything but the UTF-8 part).

WilliamBE: Thank you for testing. I just uploaded your Spanish translation changes, and it is rebuilding now. Build 1.15.404 at includes the Spanish plus the new advanced wiping. If you notice untranslated strings, please file them as a bug.

Andrew, lead developer


What about using mmap?

Also known as Alex.

Moderator for BleachBit and a maintainer for Winapp2.

Check out my open-source group on Steam:

Windows 10 x64 (switching to ReactOS in the future).

What about it?

Andrew, lead developer

Everything's translated now.
Thank you so much.