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I have a problem a little irritating with only the last version of BleachBit (1.10).
When I launch the program (with icon launcher), I have a prompt (or an alert saying :
'a new version is available' and 'update to version 1.10' or close. Anything I try to do, I have the alert prompting.
I noticed that in the configuration file (bleachbit.ini), the shown version is 1.9.4, that is a little disturbing. I have had never this problem before, and worse than that, I have no problem with another PC. Have you a solution to solve this intriguing problem?
I thanks you in advance.

Do you use Windows or Linux? And which version of the operating system?

When you click Help - About, which version number is shown?

Andrew, lead developer

1/ I use linux Ubuntu Trusty 14.04
2/ Clicking BleachBit 'help' give me: version 1.9.4!?
I however installed bleachbit_1.10_all_ubuntu1404.deb, I'm sure.
In software-center : bleachbit 1.10, 2,4 Mo sur le disque,
all of this is very strange.

I just checked my copy of that package. (Below are the file size and checksums.) It contains a file called with the line version=1.10, so the package looks correct.

Yes, this is strange.

Here is a suggestion: uninstall, delete the package, download a fresh copy, and reinstall.

If that does not work, how about a file search on your hard drive for in case you have two copies?

Another possibility: make sure that ~/.config/bleachbit/bleachbit.ini is write-able.

Filename: bleachbit_1.10_all_ubuntu1404.deb
Bytes: 338334
md5sum: cfb99a71c91d94ff1c57c6122dabe591
sha256sum: f352952c48137b58560080649d7b0ba2399628685d3a6ae27ce63a1d55a38d97

Andrew, lead developer

1/ Uninstall, delete, fresh copy, reinstall, I already did it,
2/ I only see one file:, 8,0 ko (8 033 octets), /usr/share/bleachbit, jeu. 31 déc. 2015 05:46:04,
and aside, 8,0 ko (8 034 octets), /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bleachbit, dim. 27 déc. 2015 05:43:16,
4/ I also thought of that point:
I look now at the properties of this bleachbit.ini file: owner and group access write and read, all of two.
5/ I look at the content of file : APP_VERSION = "1.10", APP_NAME = "BleachBit"

You put me on the right path: The file , 8,0 ko (8 034 octets), /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bleachbit, dim. 27 déc. 2015 05:43:16 is faulty. It indicates version 1.9.4 instead of 1.10!?
I corrected this and... it works now. Annoying message went away.
Thank you very much for your help (and also for your useful and brilliant program).

But why a persistent error in '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bleachbit' file with this PC, despite complete uninstall BleachBit (by synaptic) and clean reinstall? and why in the case of this PC especially and not in another PC?

Must one also uninstall module bleachbit installed to dist-packages with the command: $ pyg remove bleachbit?

Did you install BleachBit as a .deb package, using "make install" from source, or using pyg?

Andrew, lead developer

I installed BleachBit in a classic way, as a deb. package, I talked about pyg only as a hypothesis school because of the rightly or wrongly suspected '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bleachbit' file.

Most users install, update, and uninstall using the standard .deb process, so there seems to be something idiosyncratic about your system. I am guessing this may not happen again.

If it were common or reproducible then I could do more about it.

Let me know if it does happen again.

Andrew, lead developer

Well, thank you, I'll watch the beast in a future release.

I confess to having serious doubts about the idiosyncrasies of my installation... I still do not understand the version error found in '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bleachbit' file that I was obliged to correct.

You are right. I was led to do a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04 and this problem disappear of itself. Strange.

i use blichbit in linux for first time to clean and in the moment to restart the pc the computer say cant start, what happen?

lonewolf: Please be more specific with "can't start." If there is an error message, please copy it verbatim.

Which options did you check? Did you check Free Disk Space? Memory?

Also, as this does not relate to the forum topic "an irritating prompt," it would be best to start a new thread to avoid confusion with the other topic, called thread hijacking.

Andrew, lead developer