** How Can I UNDO An Accidental Deletion??? **



I just performed a browser and system cleanup on Windows Vista..

While the cleaning was performed, I tried minimizing the BleachBit window, which wouldn't minimize, and clicked a folder on my desktop to look at its contents..

Apparently, BleachBit, while running the system and browser cleanup, "mistook" the folder I wanted to view as an item to be deleted - and deleted it/all contents..

grr.. hiss..

I thought, when I clicked the desktop folder, BleachBit was asking if I wanted to delete the system/browser files it was tasked with cleaning; at the time I clicked "delete", I thought it curious how QUICKLY the system/browser scan had finished - only been running a few minutes..

Can I recover the deleted folder and contents???


1.) BleachBit would NOT minimize: running Windows Vista on Pentium Dual-Core with 3gigs RAM..

2.) clicking on a desktop folder, when BleachBit refuses to minimize, seems to "introduce" folder as item to be DELETED by BleachBit, with NO warning, while a system/browser scan is in progress - VERY CONFUSING..

The desktop folder I clicked was "ADDED" to the current system/browser scan, without ANY pop-up warning it was being "ADDED": I thought the "OKAY DELETE" prompt referred to the system/browser scan I was running..

Thanks in advance, kind sirs/ma'ams..



You can try running a Windows undelete tool. The success will depend on several factors, including: whether in BleachBit "overwrite contents" was enabled and how many changes were made on the hard drive after deletion. For best results, avoid making any changes on the hard drive until you run the undelete tool. (I assume you did not use the Shred Files/Folders options under BleachBit's File menu.)

If you can find a portable version of an undelete tool, then use a different computer to load it onto a portable drive, like a USB drive or flash chip. Then put that storage media into the affected computer. This avoids making more changes to the drive, which can make the deleted files unrecoverable.

Once BleachBit is actively running (in other words, deleting files you selected), it is impossible to add files to the list. Minimizing BleachBit does not affect its operation. While BleachBit is running it will not ask you any questions until it is done, and I am not sure what program you are referring to.

I hope you are able to recover what you need.

Andrew, lead developer


Thanks very much for the help..

Unfortunately, BleachBit DID somehow add the folder I clicked, while BleachBit was running a scan to delete system and browser files..

BleachBit wouldn't minimize - when I clicked the folder on the desktop, thinking I could get around BleachBit not minimizing, it added the folder and its contents to the scan in progress, then popped up the "delete?" option, which I erroneously chose, thinking the system and browser scan was complete and ready to finish cleaning (deleting) the junk files..

Thanks again for your assistance.. =)