heads up on 0.7.0 and Dropbox (nautilus-dropbox) daemon


This did not happen until 0.7.0 came out so I am certain that there is something in the newly added clean-up features that erases the components that are Dropbox daemon. I have not yet isolated the problem, but if you use Dropbox automatic file backup utility (www.getdropbox.com), you may want to unselect the newly added features such as Deep Scan. Otherwise next time you try to link Dropbox to your harddrive it will have to download and reinstall the daemon. In any case files saved in your Dropbox directory (usually /home/you/Dropbox/) remain intact.

When Dropbox is working correctly, enable the new option Deep Scan - Compiled Objects and run a preview. Does it list any files belonging to Dropbox?

Andrew, lead developer