Firefox unable to set up HomePage again

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I used bleachbit in the admin mode the clean up almost everything, I used to clean the places in the firefox too. I was okay with the operation.
But now, the firefox is unable to hold on to any homepage I set. After setting the homepage, I go to about:config to see it is set properly, restart firefox and see again, it is vanished and homepage is set to some other default.

Firefox version 3.0.14
Bleachbit version 0.6.4


I haven't heard of this problem. Thanks for reporting it. I'll check in to it.

Are you using Linux? Which Linux distribution and version (Ubuntu 8.10, for example)?

As a workaround, you can try this
1. Close Firefox
2. Run this command in a terminal mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.backup

The command completely resets your Firefox settings.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for the response and the troubleshooting suggestion. That pretty much fixed it.
The problem seems to be real one. I had a couple of extensions installed like sxipper, they started behaving odd too, like wanting to import passwords from firefox everytime (which it should not).
I am on Ubuntu 8.10.

Thank you,

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this problem. I tested Firefox 3.0.5 on Ubuntu 8.10 with BleachBit 0.4.2 and BleachBit 0.6.5 with and without the option 'overwrite files to hide contents.' Each time, I opened Firefox, clicked Edit - Preferences, typed a new URL for the home page, exited, and re-opened Firefox. My Firefox did not have any extensions.

If you can figure out how to reproduce the problem, please let me know.

Andrew, lead developer