Firefox "Crash Reports" there's a bug that prevents us from deleting them (yea, I am sure it's a "bug..."}

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I always delete that file, so after I run BB I have to go and delete this directory. Can you have BB delete this completely?

Also, I know "Places" has bookmark backups data and other things, but I know how to make my own bookmark backups, so can we get a "checkbox" to delete that? Sure, make us sign away our future liability or whatever, but those of us who know, know...

Great idea. Deleting Firefox crash reports seems safe, so this feature is added for BleachBit 0.9.2. Watch for a beta.

Regarding Firefox places, that is a separate issue. It is much easier if you post separate requests. For the very short term, I suggest writing your owner cleaner (with a name like "firefox_custom") using CleanerML. Soon, though, I hope to add a GUI for cleaning custom files and folders.

Andrew, lead developer