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Love BleachBit, most useful program.

I am having a problem with the F1 Extension in Firefox.

This is a brief description of what it does : F1 is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser, from any web-page, using the same services you already know and love.

So when you set F1 up, it ask to link itself to Facebook, Twitter, Linked etc..etc.. and then its shares pages wherever you wish.

When i run Bleachbit, it loses all its settings, so next time i try to share anything all info has to be re-entered.

I guess i have to UN-tick one of the selections in Firefox to stop it doing this.

Which one please someone ?

I could try to work on a fix, but it would help if you could help narrow down the problem. Try unchecking the Firefox - DOM Storage option, and see if that helps. If it does, now check this option, clean, and check F1 again.

Andrew, lead developer