Error when opening a network connection


A problem just developed where I get the following error message when BleachBit opens: "Error when opening a network connection to to check for updates. Please verify the network is working." Have been using 1.12 for a while and this error only showed up today. Tried to revert back to previous versions of BleachBit but get the same error message with them also. Any ideas? Guess I can repeatedly check the website for updates, but that's not optimal. Thanks.

Are you on Windows or Linux?

Does your network require an HTTP proxy? (A proxy is most common on corporate networks.)

Do you use personal security software, maybe bundled with your antivirus, that has a firewall that would prevent BleachBit from accessing the Internet. (This software is most common on Windows.)

Andrew, lead developer

Using Win 10 Pro, personal PC. Not sure why security software would be blocking access to internet after BleachBit 1.12 had been running for several days without issue, but I'll see what I can find and write back if still stumped.

Addendum: Just for grins, I booted Win 10 to safe mode with networking and tried to run BleachBit - I received the same error message when BleachBit opens. So, returned to normal bootup and set permissions for BleachBit to communicate through Windows 10 firewall - still get the same error message when BleachBit opens. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Since January 2016 I have moved most of BleachBit web servers and file servers to new infrastructure, but the update system still uses project web hosting at, which is experiencing an outage for the past 20 hours or so.

In other words, this issue is not the fault of your system, and please be patient as they resolve it on their end. If you are on BleachBit version 1.12, then no action is required on your end.

I hope for the next release of BleachBit to move the update system to the new infrastructure.

Andrew, lead developer

After an outage of about 24 hours, is back online. You should not see the error now.

Andrew, lead developer