New domain and servers

The official BleachBit web site has moved from to to keep up with the high demand. While SourceForge provided web hosting for the last six years, the new domain and private hosting offer faster web servers, HTTP/2 protocol for additional speed, globally-distributed CDN, IPv6 protocol, and secure access through HTTPS (TLS version 1.2).

If you had a user account on the old site, it works on the new site with the same username and same password. However to login or post messages in the forum, you must now use HTTPS.

A few weeks earlier the primary, official download mirror moved to the new system under the domain Backed by 74 data centers around the world, your downloads will be fast even when many other people are downloading BleachBit.

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Please upgrade the security a bit more.

Should use Upgrade Insecure Requests @

Should enable HPKP (HTTP Public Key Pinning) @

Should use CSP (Content Security Policy) @

And other security headers @