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New domain and servers

The official BleachBit web site has moved from bleachbit.sourceforge.net to www.bleachbit.org to keep up with the high demand. While SourceForge provided web hosting for the last six years, the new domain and private hosting offer faster web servers, HTTP/2 protocol for additional speed, globally-distributed CDN, IPv6 protocol, and secure access through HTTPS (TLS version 1.2).

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Most popular language statistics

Early on I realized English speakers make only 4% to 27% of the world's population (depending whether you count non-native speakers), so within two weeks of the first BleachBit release, I added internationalization support. Since then generous volunteers have translated BleachBit to 32 languages, and BleachBit is used by people speaking more languages than I can remember. Ideally BleachBit would be fully translated to every native language. Until then, well do its translation it serve people now?

SourceForge vs Google App Engine hosting

The hosting of BleachBit's web site, bug tracker, and blog has bounced between SourceForge, Google's Blogger, Launchpad, Google App Engine, and SourceForge again. Certainly there have been some lessons learned on the strengths and weaknesses of each hosting provider. These may be useful to other open source projects choosing a web host—particularly for demanding, dynamic sites.

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