An error after running BleachBit on Raspberry Pi 3

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So, I've ran BleachBit on my Pi and choosed "Free memory". Now my /dev/root patrion is 100% used and I cannot even start lxde and unselect this option. And bleachbit_cli is also not working for me. Please help.

Please help

I have heard of Raspberry Pi, but I have never used one. I assume it runs similarly to other Linux systems.

BleachBit's "memory" option does not leave any permanent files, so rebooting should undo any changes. Perhaps you also checked the "free disk space" option: if so, try removing the folder ~/.cache/ assuming you are using the a recent version of BleachBit (the latest is 1.12).

If this does not work, use the "find" program to such for very large files. If you have an ancient version of BleachBit, search for very large files, and the file will have a long, bizarre name. This file would be left behind only if (1) you used "free disk space" and (2) it were interrupted.

Andrew, lead developer