Does BleachBit Clean all Windows user account

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Windows 7 Prof 64 bit:

I understand BleachBit installs only through the Administrator's account.

But, does BleachBit clean all user accounts (accounts of least privilege) or only the Administrator(s) account.

Additionally, does it clean all users in the Administrators Group.

BleachBit does not have to be installed. For users with less privileges, try using the portable version.

BleachBit 1.2 cleans the %USERPROFILE% directory of the current user. For example, if Jim and Bob are administrators, each would have to run BleachBit to clean his %USERPROFILE% directory. Maybe in the future one user can clean multiple user contexts. Until then, you may consider scripting a simple batch file in each user's startup folder to run BleachBit

Users with enough privilege can clean shared paths such as the Windows logs in %WINDIR%.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks you.