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Hello, i love BleachBit and i've repleaced CCleaner with it on my and my friends pc's but i think would be useful if there possible to delete files by extension in custom folder cleaner in preferences, like this "*.mp3;*.exe;*.tmp".
what i mean is the following: i've choose a file to be deleted (example c:\folder\test.txt) and a folder too (example: c:\Scanner), now i prefer to right click (or click a button) on the entered row and modify the entry like this: c:\folder\test*.txt, to be deleted all .txt files in c:\folder that beginnin with "test" and specify if this action will be recursive in that folder.
Other example for the folder modification behavior:
If i enter c:\Scanner will be deleted the folder entirely with all it's contents.
If i enter c:\Scanner\* will be deleted only the contents of the folder but will leave the folder empty and intact
if i enter c:\Scanner\*.* will be deleted all files but not the folders
and again
if i enter c:\Scanner\*.pdf will be deleted all .pdf files only

this because i have a folder that is shared with a big office printer that is the target for scanner but every morning i clean this folder from yesterday jobs, now if i insert this folder in BeachBit actually he delete the folder and i have to recreate and make shared again otherwise the printer scan not works.
Another task is to delete all the .exe, .jpg, .pdf from system downloads folder.
Currently i've make a batch script to do this but would be nicely to do all with BleachBit.

i've designed a mockup of the idea at the following links

Thanks for your time and work.

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Windows 10