Crash at start time v.

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When started - it crashes immediately wit h this message:

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AppName: bleachbit.exe AppVer: ModName: icm32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.2709 Offset: 0000433c

This is portable version. I just tried BleachBit for the first time.
Computer runs WXP SP2. I don't use antivirus programs.

Icm32.dll is Microsoft's color management library which BleachBit doesn't directly use, but it may be called indirectly through GTK+ (a library that BleachBit does use). In other words, the bug is probably in GTK+ or in ICM32. I searched the Internet for this error and it happens with many other programs (Internet Explorer, Winamp, Pidgin, Virtual Box, etc).

Here are a few things to try for troubleshooting

1. Try the installed version instead of the portable

2. To check for damage in your system, run System File Checker (Sfc.exe) by clicking Start (menu), Run, and typing this command sfc.exe /scannow

3. Reboot Windows into Safe Mode by pressing F8 while the system is starting (after BIOS and before the graphical parts). Then try BleachBit in safe mode.

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you for suggestions.

1. installed (within SandboxIE) program works well

2. I've checked icm32.dll many times. It looks OK. On my computer it's been updated a long ago. I forced the WindowsXP-KB901214-x86-ENU.exe update again. It installs two files icm32.dll and mscms.dll as one package. I've installed "sp2gdr" package and even tried "sp2qfe" package and non of them works with BeachBit.

3. In Safe Mode program runs well.

I've compared two folders (portable and installed) and both are essentially the same. But installed is working and portable is not. Weird !

Unfortunately I prefer to use BeachBit as a portable application. But so far I can't run it this way...

The installed and portable should be 100% identical except the portable has a filed called BleachBit.ini. What happens if you remove BleachBit.Ini from the portable directory?

BTW, never heard of SandBoxIE, but that looks interesting. It reminds me of another system I once used at work---I think it was VMWare ThinApp?

Andrew, lead developer

It's weird, but now I can run it from the portable location too. I did not catch when and what actually happened. Was it successful run in "Safe Mode" or something else? I have no idea now. I've tried both with local BleachBit.ini file and without it (in the latter case program saves its configuration in %APPDATA%\BleachBit\BleachBit.ini file) and in both cases it runs just fine now... I don''t know how I fixed it and that worries me quite a bit.

I'd recommend to look closer to SandBoxIE. It could be useful in many cases. Especially if you need to watch application and find out what it tries to do to your computer. It's lite (comparing to VMware or similar) and executes application in your environment (not in a separate OS). At the same time it offers pretty good isolation from your computer. You may easy create multiple sandboxes and use they for different applications.. For example, you may run your installer, then execute your program in that isolated environment and watch what is does.

If you like to experiment, you could try deleting the portable folder, deleting the %APPDATA%\BleachBit directory, and starting over.

The system I used (ThinApp?) is not a separate OS: it bundles all the dependencies and installation files for the application, and then the application can run with some level of isolation from the original OS. At work we used it to simplify deploying some applications such as Microsoft Visio. However, it didn't work with all applications (e.g., one complicated application that installs services and drivers), and in other cases (Internet Explorer) it hogged too many resources.

Andrew, lead developer

I've deleted portable folder, deleted %APPDATA%\BleachBit directory, and started it the program from the new portable folder. It worked just fine. But after I've rebooted computer - the problem is back again. :(

Thank you for pointing out to the ThinApp. It's the same concept as EandboxIE and it looks interesting :)