Clear Nautilus (Linux, GNOME) history?

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Can the next version implement a feature to clear out the Nautilus history, such as recently browsed directories? Currently, Bleachbit only seems to clear out recently used files and applications, but leaves the folder history untouched. I use openSUSE (GNOME) and Linux Mint (GNOME, based on Ubuntu).

Where do I click in Nautilus to view the folder history? I never noticed it kept a folder history. Once you show me, I should be able to write a rule to delete it. (I mostly use Fedora 11 with GNOME 2.26.)

The most similar options in BleachBit 0.7.1 of are:
1. Nautilus - History
2. System - Recently Used Documents (which you found)

Andrew, lead developer

What I'm referring to are not the recently used files, documents, or applications, which BleachBit seems to clear out just fine. I'm referring to the recently viewed folders in Nautilus.

Here is the location:

Open up Nautilus (or open up your home folder.) On the menu bar, click the "Go" button. At the bottom you will see your folder browsing history.

Nautilus 2.28 calls this the "Go menu and Back/Forward lists." It isn't written to the hard disk, and I don't see a way for BleachBit to clear it. The good news is (1) it isn't written to the disk and (2) it clears itself when you log out of Gnome.

Andrew, lead developer