Cleaning in Windows OS.

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In the Windows version, it is never cleaned completely. By chance, I clicked to clean twice in succession and there is always some +50mb is left over. This size always remains on any subsequent cleaning


Make sure to run BleachBit in admin mode, as this is the best way to clean a system.

Some files will be deleted completely after you restart a system. Have you tried restarting to see if the number changed?

There are also some system files that cannot be cleaned because they are in use. The best way to resolve this would be to run BleachBit in safe mode where there is minimal services running.

There is also some files that regenerate, too, so BleachBit will detect the regenerated files again.

I suppose it would be nice if BleachBit ignored files that were already marked for deletion on restart, until the system is actually restarted. This way, it doesn't waste time scanning the same files that are already marked.

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