Broken Search on Windows 10

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I ran a full cleaning of my windows 10 computer except for deep scan, and when I tried to use the search function nothing from my own system comes up. Only internet searches and obscure files appear, and it seems to have deleted the search's ability to find my apps, and settings. Has anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it? also i am running insider fast ring update 18317, if that matters. Please this is really frustrating so if anybody has come across this before please help me out!

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Windows 10

I have a similar problem. I do not run a full cleaning, but have selected some certain options - but nothing indicating it has to do with Windows search.

When I run bleachbit, start menu stops giving me search results for programs I have installed. This problem is fixed on it's on after a while (weeks?).

Now I'm looking into this and suspecting it might have to do with Cortana option in Bleachbit, which I had selected. Currently my Windows 10 search is broken again and I'm looking for a way to fix it. Will update when I have more information.

There should be at least a warning for the user saying "Start menu program search will be broken" or something like that.

Did you have everything checked? Including the options imported from Winapp2.ini?

Can you narrow it down to a singe option (checkbox)? That would help with the troubleshooting.

Andrew, lead developer

No, I don't have anything selected under Windows. Only some things checked here and there but still it happens. I am using winapp2 but haven't tried with the latest one yet. Thing is I need to fix the search first but haven't gotten to do that yet. I will let you know once I can test it again (when search works).