Bleachbit wrongly hiding cleaners


Bleachbit is hiding the cleaner for gimp on my machine and I can't figure out why. Gimp is installed ( version 2.8). Bleachbit also says it's hiding the cleaner for MidnightCommander...but when I look in /usr/share/bleachbit/cleaners there is no cleaner for MidnightCommander.

I am running Bleachbit 1.8 on an updated Debian Stretch/Sid.


Do you have any files in ~/.gimp-2.8/tmp/ ?

Do you have the files ~/.mc/filepos or ~/.mc/history ?

Did you install BleachBit from the Debian repository or from this web site (the official BleachBit web site)?

Andrew, lead developer

No the gimp directory is empty but there is no ~/.mc directory. MC apparently now caches its stuff in ~/.cache/mc
Bleachbit came from the Debian repository but today I installed 1.10 from here. But it acts the same
ignoring the ~/.gimp-2.8/tmp directory and simply telling me it has hidden midnightcommander.