Bleachbit in RHEL4?

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Hi, I am trying to install bleachbit in RHEL4. It is asking for a whole lot of other upgrades - pygtk2-2.6, python update etc etc.. Problem is all those are not available for RHEL4. And Tryign to build each one from the source is becomign a never ending story. (I am a noobie in linux). So, here's my query.. Is bleachbit supported for RHEL4? Or should i just give up? Thanks a lot.

According to, RHEL 4.8 has Python 2.3.4 and GTK+ 2.4, but BleachBit requires Python 2.5 and GTK+ 2.12. Sorry, it would be difficult to make it work (either by upgrading your system or changing BleachBit). If your system is networked, maybe you could clean your $HOME directory from another, more modern computer on the network.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for the response. Looks like i have to give up. (There are reasons that i have to stick to RHEL4). Thanks.