Bleachbit removes userscripts from Chromium browser


I use BleachBit 0.8.8 on Ubuntu 11.04. Bleachbit removes all user scripts from the extension Tampermonkey on Chromium-Browser (12.0.7x). (I did not try on Google Chrome)

I just tested with BleachBit 0.9.0 pre-release (similar to 0.8.8) and Chromium 12.0.718 on Fedora 15, and it didn't remove Tampermonkey. Someone reported something similar for another extension on Google Chrome in the thread Bleachbit is wiping Google Chrome Extension Preferences, but I couldn't reproduce it and he didn't get back to me about my last question.

Could you please run this command, and paste the results here?

find / -name chromium.xml -exec md5sum \{\} \;

You should have 8db6fc7016ed1f5f6db7ad8d88b99de4

Andrew, lead developer

Sorry if i explain it wrong. I mean Bleachbit removes the "user scripts" of Tampermonkey extension.

Example: Install Tampermonkey to Chromium and when install this user script : . Close chromium browser and use bleachbit as full to clean everything. Open the chromium browser again, look at the options of extension : You will not see the script which you installed.

No, I think I understood you. I installed the Tampermonkey user script for disabling Google search instant previews, ran BleachBit with all the Chromium options enabled, and when I restarted Chromium, the user script was still there

Andrew, lead developer

Hmm... I have tried exactly 3 times... It cleans my userscripts...

my output of your command is not the same that you gave me.. mayn is : 7c1e5cb6969b5292b089903c470c18c6

I had installed chromium from software center of ubuntu.

Weird, that is the file for BleachBit versions 0.8.6 and 0.8.7. To make sure the Ubuntu 11.04 package on this site is OK, I just downloaded it, unpacked it, and checked, and it is good: it contains 7c1e5cb6969b5292b089903c470c18c6. Did you get BleachBit from Ubuntu repository, or from this site? If you got it from a repository, try downloading it from this site. Either way, let me know.

Andrew, lead developer

I had installed from ubuntu repo. Now i try by downloading from this site. i face the same problem.
I will wait for a new version of chrome and also bleachbit. If it will not be fixed. I will write again a new (or on this) thread.

Thank you!

Two things to try now

1. Uninstall, run the 'find' command (above) to verify the file is gone, and reinstall

2. Install BleachBit 0.9.0 beta which came out this week

Andrew, lead developer