BleachBit 0.9.0beta

BleachBit, the open source system cleaner, announces the public 0.9.0 beta which includes enhancements, bug fixes, and translation updates. Please help test.

These particular areas are a priority for testing:

  • Clean Thunderbird
  • In Google Chrome and Chromium, disable the setting for network prediction, close the browser, clean with BleachBit, restart the browser, and verify the setting has not changed.
  • Clean cache for Chromium and Google Chrome.
  • Edit bleachbit.ini and change "true" or "false" to some garbage value. Verify BleachBit starts (LP#799130)
  • Linux
    • Under GNOME 3 (Fedora 15, Arch Linux, etc), clean System - Recent Documents. Verify the Recent Documents list is empty for GNOME and gedit.
    • Under GNOME 3, set a custom wallaper, and then clean System - Cache. Then logout of GNOME, and get back in. Verify the wallpaper is OK.
    • CentOS 6
  • Windows
    • Start many system processes (50?) that can be seen in Task Manager, and clean any part of Firefox. Verify BleachBit does not freeze.
    • Verify BleachBit starts in all combinations of these situations (especially UAC disabled with standard user):
      • Windows Vista or Windows 7
      • Administrator or standard user
      • UAC enabled or disabled
      • Answer YES or NO to the UAC
      • Portable mode or installed
      • BleachBit.exe on a network drive, removable drive (USB), or hard drive (C:\)
  • Translations
    • Bengali
    • Australian English
    • Bosnian

To look for regressions follow the standard tests on the "Testing" page.


Remember: beta releases are more likely to contain bugs and are recommended only for testing. Use with caution.

Report any bugs to the bug tracker or forum.



August 28, 2011: BleachBit 0.9.0 has been released.


Translators, please update your translations.

Final release

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