BleachBit 0.9.0

BleachBit 0.9.0 includes fixes for Google Chrome, Windows, Linux 3, Gnome 3, and more.


November 9, 2011: BleachBit 0.9.1 has been released.

These are the changes since version 0.8.8:

  • Clean DNS prefetch entries for Chromium
  • Use word 'Clean' instead of 'Delete' (LP#819392)
  • Avoid freeze when there are many system processes running
  • Fix for Thunderbird 5 on Linux and Windows
  • Do not reset network prediction setting in Google Chrome (LP#824307)
  • Do not prevent application startup in case of corrupt configuration (LP#799130)
  • Specific to Linux
    • Delete recently used files on GNOME 3 (thanks to badhat, LP#828474)
    • Do not erase wallpaper on GNOME 3 (Fedora 15, etc; LP#828474)
    • Support Linux 3 (thanks to Sascha Manns from openSUSE project)
  • Specific to Windows
    • Speed up checking for running processes
    • Fix endless startup loop when running with standard (non-administrator) account with UAC disabled (LP#819392)
    • Clarify in the preferences that checking for application updates is required for checking for winapp2.ini updates


  • Add Australian English translation thanks to Joel Pickett.
  • Add Bengali translation thanks to Mahay Alam Khan
  • Add Bosnian translation thanks to Kenan Dervišević
  • Update Asturian thanks to Xuacu Saturio.
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese thanks to André Gondim, Matheus de Araújo, Eugênio F.
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) thanks to Pin-hsien Li.
  • Update Croatian thanks to gogo.
  • Update Dutch thanks to Peter Schelleman, rob, Rachid.
  • Update Estonian thanks to olavi tohver, Jalakas.
  • Update Finnish thanks to Jiri Grönroos.
  • Update French thanks to Nicolas Delvaux.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Hungarian thanks to Péter Trombitás.
  • Update Indonesian thanks to Muhammad Radifar.
  • Update Italian thanks to Carml.
  • Update Malay thanks to abuyop.
  • Update Polish thanks to Łukasz Wiśniewski.
  • Update Russian thanks to Oleg Koptev.
  • Update Simplified Chinese thanks to ZhangCheng.
  • Update Spanish thanks to Felipe Hommen, Fitoschido.
  • Update Turkish thanks to Burak Ilgıcıoğlu, Ekrem Kocadere.
  • Update Vietnamese thanks to Lê Trường An.

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Known issues

Google Chrome 15 and Chromium 14 history cleaning are not fully supported. Try BleachBit 0.9.1 beta.

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0.9.0 is still the standard download in repository.

If I hide inappropriate cleaning options then Opera does not even appear as an option, although it is my standard browser.

The .opera/cache folder consists of a lot of folders called g0001, g0002 etc.

Those are normally empty which is not the case for Windows XP or 7.

All the temp files are actually in Ubuntus .opera/cache/sesn folder. In my case there was about 500 megabytes. I deleted them using the shred files menu item.

Thoughts and comments welcome.



It's better to ask this in the forum as a new topic than on a release page as a comment.

In any case, first, make sure you are not running BleachBit as administrator (root). Second, make sure you have a file called opera.xml somewhere in /usr (with a folder name also containing 'bleachbit').

Andrew, lead developer